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Head Boy & Head Girl

Introducing Our Head Boy

Introducing Our Head Boy 1

Hello, my name is Omar and I am the Head Boy.

I am always here to lend a helping hand and if you ever any need help I will be there with assistance or advice. My positive qualities are that I am kind-hearted, confident and trustworthy. In addition, I am interested in maths, science, sports and technology. My favourite hobbies are swimming and playing guitar. I participate in sport competitions such as rounders and dodge ball which shows that I like to be an active member of SMSJ.

In year 5 I gained experience as a Librarian, Play Leader and Dining Hall Helper which has made me become more responsible and reliable.

I promise to never take advantage of my position and I hope to live up to the responsibility you have given me.

Thank you.


Introducing Our Head Girl

Introducing Our Head Girl 1

Hello, my name is Seema. I am 10 years old and I study in the Lions class. I am very delighted and honoured to get the role of head girl as it is a wonderful opportunity for me.

My favourite hobbies are gymnastics and reading. I have been a play leader and dining hall helper (in year 5) which I enjoyed doing and these roles have made me more confident.

The main goal I would like to achieve is to make this school a better place by ensuring that everyone has a friend or a buddy they can go to whenever they are alone.

Thank you