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Nursery Stars

Welcome to Nursery Stars!


Welcome to all of our children and parents.


Mrs Lee                 Miss Patel & Mrs Patel    

Class Teacher       Teaching & Learning Assistants   


The Nursery team are Mrs Lee, Miss Patel & Mrs Patel.  Please remember that we are always here to help with any worries or concerns.


Nursery Sessions


Nursery starts at 8.45am.


Children must be collected at 11.45am.

Please line up at 11.40am outside the School gate.

Please be prompt.

Curriculum Overview 2017-18 2nd Yr cycle pdf

             Spring 2    


                                      Our new topic this term is ‘Big Machines!


This half term we will be learning all about different types of air/land/water transport. This will include taking a look at old and new transport, conducting our own car survey and making 3D models of vehicles.


Also this half term we will be making pancakes and inviting our mums in to Nursery for the Special Celebration of Mother’s Day.


In Literacy we will be looking at print (writing) in the environment. When you are out and about please draw your child’s attention to supermarket names, food packaging logos, mail such as leaflets / letters /cards, etc. Talk to your child about the print that you read on a daily basis, so they begin to understand the importance of reading and writing.



Phonics at home - Last half term we learnt all about rhyming words. Please spend some time talking about how rhyming words are words that sound the same for example, bug/rug, bat/cat and bed/red.  Singing lots of nursery rhymes will also help your child to recognise rhyme.  This skill will help your child to become a competent reader as they progress in their education.



In order for your child to participate in PE on a Friday they must wear a pair of PE pumps. This is not only for safety purposes but also to protect our floor surface in the Galaxy centre. Children are not allowed to wear earrings on PE days, please ensure that they have been taken out prior to attending nursery, thank you.


Keep your eye on our Nursery Notice board in the nursery entrance for more information.

As always if you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with myself or a member of the Nursery Team


Nursery Fund

Nursery Fund Nursery Fund is now due. The fee is £6 for the half term. This contribution will go towards your child’s snack and further enhancing your child's learning experiences. 


Parental Input – Tapestry

I am sure that you will agree that having a copy of your child’s learning journey at the end of the year (Tapestry Observations) will be a treasured keepsake, and something they will love to look at in the years to come. With this in mind, it would be great if parents could contribute towards their child’s Journal by uploading any special photographs of family events, outings or activities. If you have forgotten your password OR not yet signed up to Tapestry, please speak to a member of staff from the main school office.


Nursery Bulletin - Spring 2

Spring 1


                                                        Our new topic this term is ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’


Happy New Year!  We hope you have enjoyed the Christmas holidays. We are looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things that the children got up to over the break.


We welcome our new children who have joined us this week.  Please bear with us whilst we settle them into our nursery routines.  We also welcome Mrs Patel, a new member of staff, to the Nursery team as we said goodbye to Mrs Parkar last term.



This term we will be reading a range of stories that are related to winter and water. Throughout our activities we will be introducing ‘Write Dance’ and continuing with our ‘Dough Disco’ session as well as working hard to develop a good pencil grip.



Our Maths work will include forming numbers, recording numbers, counting and ordering numbers to 10 and shape arrangement. Please continue to practice these key skills at home in a practical way.  Please speak to a member of the nursery team if you would like more ideas in order to help your child at home.



We will be creating our own patterns of sound (clapping, clicking, tapping, etc), accurately clapping the syllables in our names and other words and beginning to develop an understanding of rhyme such as ‘hat’, ‘cat’, ‘mat’.


Topic work

Our Topic work will include exploring and observing ice and the heating and melting process. We will be encouraging lots of ‘talk’ in order to discuss the things that the children have observed, looking at similarities and differences, making comments and asking questions.


Our Nursery Library will continue to run every Thursday morning at 8.45am.  Please pop in to choose a book with your child which you can then take home and enjoy reading together. 

Nursery Bulletin - Spring 1


Autumn 2


Our new topic this term is 'Light, Dark and Celebrations.'

Image result for light and dark fireworks


During our first week back after half term we will be continuing our work around Autumn. At Home’ Please take time this weekend to observe some ‘real’ trees, either in your local park or near your house. Talk about the parts of the tree. What is happening to the leaves at this time of year? What does the tree feel/look/smell like? Can you hear the leaves rustling?


This term we will also begin to look at the different celebrations such as Bonfire Night and Christmas.  We will be exploring a range of light sources and reading texts such as 'Whatever Next' and 'After the Storm'. We will also be busy preparing for our Christmas Nativity.



We will be busy learning to recognise numbers to 10. Please look for numbers in the environment with your child, for example, on front doors, on sign posts and on car registration plates. Regularly count to 10 whilst walking up the stairs at bedtime or whilst walking home after Nursery. This will help reinforce our class work and help secure your child’s learning in preparation for their Reception Year.


This term we will be Launching our class Library.

Library Launch– Your Child’s First Reading Book

Choose a book with your child every Thursday (8.45am).

Don’t miss out! Get involved!

Give your child a sense of responsibility and encourage good care of books.

This is your child’s first ‘school reading book’.

Share a special time together………quiet time, bed time, etc.

Chat about the pictures and characters.

Start a lasting habit – If you love books, your child will love books!

Nursery Bulletin Autumn 2








Autumn 1

This term we welcome all of our new children and their families to our Nursery alongside welcoming back some of our older children who will continue their journey with us.  We hope that you have enjoyed the Summer break and that you're now looking forward to all the exciting things we have planned for the new school year.


This half term our topic is "All About Me". We will be learning how to make new friends whilst settling in to the Nursery Routine. We will begin our topic by learning about our body parts and our senses and how we use them.

Please spend some time talking to your child about their senses and the different parts and functions of our amazing bodies.





Autumn 1 Bulletin

Our First Week in Nursery


The Nursery team have really enjoyed spending time with the children this week and getting to know them.

They have all settled in beautifully!


Have a look at some of our photos!

Nursery Fund


We are very busy in Nursery baking, gardening and completing art and craft activities. Please help us to enhance these opportunities for your child by bringing your £1 to nursery on Monday mornings. Alternatively, the total amount for this half term is £8 if you would like to make a single payment.

Please note that our Nursery Fund also provides your child with a daily snack.  Please see our menu on the Nursery Notice Board.


Thank you!




P.E Day

Please remember that our P.E day is Friday. Children will need to come to Nursery in their pumps on this day.

Stay and Play Sessions


The Stay and Play sessions have now restarted. The activities are aimed at children aged 2 and 3 years of age and take place in our Nursery. Please see the school office or a member of staff for further details. 

Nursery News  


We are always working very hard in Nursery to ensure that your child gets the very best start. You will receive a Nursery Newsletter almost every week to keep you informed on our Half Termly Topics, Wow Events, Achievements, and 'At Home' practical activities to support your child's learning at home. This information can also be obtained from our Nursery Notice Board and right here on our class page. 




This year in the Early Years Foundation Stage we will be using a piece of software/app called Tapestry. It allows us to take photos/videos of your child, link them to the age bands that they are working in and then share this with you via email. This software/app will also enable parents/carers to send photos/videos to Mrs Lee and the Nursery team which we can share with your child throughout the morning.  More information will be provided over the next few weeks.



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