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Nursery Stars

Welcome to Nursery Stars!


Welcome to all of our children and parents.


Mrs Lee                  Mrs Patel  & Miss Patel      

Class Teacher       Teaching & Learning Assistants   


The Nursery team are Mrs Lee, Mrs Patel and Miss Patel.  Please remember that we are always here to help with any worries or concerns.


Nursery Sessions


Nursery starts at 8.45am.


Children must be collected at 11.45am.

Please line up at 11.40am outside the School gate.

Please be prompt.

Summer 2

'Once Upon A Time'



This half term we will be reading a range of traditional stories such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ and ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. We will be re-enacting the stories and putting them in the correct sequence alongside describing the characters and identifying if they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We will also talk about the story setting and use lots of vocabulary. In writing we will be looking at letter formation. Please help your child to write their name at home in preparation for Reception, ensuring your child is forming their letters correctly. Please ask a member of staff if you require any help with this.

In phonics we will be focussing on blending letter sounds together e.g. c-a-t, and d-o-g and continuing to list words with the same initial sound e.g. ‘s’ - sand, snake, sock or ‘e’ - egg, elephant, envelope. Please play games such as ‘I spy’ with your child at home.



In maths our pre-school children will be looking at problem solving including addition and subtraction in simple terms and numbers beyond 10 in preparation for Reception. Our younger children will be consolidating number recognition to 10 and ‘careful counting’ strategies.



Have a look in our planters situated outside the Nursery doors. We have been busy growing onions, beetroot and potatoes to name a few! The children have thoroughly enjoyed caring for our vegetables and help water them every day. The children have been using fantastic vocabulary related to our growing activities such as plants, roots, stem, grow, leaves, alongside asking some super questions such as ‘what do our plants need to grow?’ Please help to develop this knowledge and vocabulary at home. Thank you.

This half term we will be continuing to develop our physical skills by preparing for our school Sport’s Day.

Summer 1


                                             Our new topic this term is ‘Secret Garden’



This half term we will be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction books which will include Oliver’s Vegetables, Handa’s Surprise and The Light House Keeper’s Lunch. We will be focusing on listening to these stories with increasing attention and recall. Throughout our topic work will we be thinking about foods that help to keep us healthy and the need for exercise and the effects that exercise has on our bodies.


Our ‘Understanding of the World work will include looking at the range of different jobs and roles in the world. We will be launching our SMSJ Nursery Star’s grocery shop so please encourage your child to help you when you are out and about in the shops. Talk to your child about the different names of food items, the shape, size, texture and look at the labels on packages and talk about how much things cost. Allow a little extra time at the end of your shop so that your child can pay the cashier!



We are also eager to begin planting seeds and growing some of our

 own vegetables!




Spring 2



Our new topic this term is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’


This half term is all about Outer Space, Planets, the Solar System, the Moon, and Stars! We will be guiding the children through fact finding using nonfiction books and the internet as well as sharing any information they might already have. We will be travelling into Space, asking questions such as ‘What is Space? What is it like out there? How could we get to Space?


We will be creating our own Nursery Rocket using large boxes and transforming our role play area into a space station! 



Towards the end of the half term we will be teaching the children about Easter and its importance as a religious festival for Christians. The children will have the opportunity to take part in Easter activities including Easter hunts, making cards and possibly a little Easter egg eating!!


Spring 2 Nursery Bulletin


Spring 2



Our new topic this term is Waddling into Winter’


Happy New Year! We hope you have enjoyed the Christmas holidays. We are looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things that the children got up to over the break.


We welcome our new children who have joined us this week. Please bear with us whilst we settle them into our nursery routines.

Picture 1

Curriculum Overview 2017-18 2nd Yr cycle pdf

Spring 1 Bulletin 2017-18 pdf

Autumn 2


Our Topic is


'Down in the Woods'


This term our work will include building dens, planning a picnic, baking activities, looking at animals and their habitats and work around our senses.  We will also be involved in Safety Week where we will have lots of exciting visitors.

Picture 1






Autumn 1


This half term our topic is "I am Special". We will be learning how to make new friends and settling in to the Nursery Routine. Please take a few minutes each day to talk your child about some of the exciting things they have been doing in Nursery. During the Autumn Term we will also be learning about our bodies and how to stay healthy. We will be finding out where the children live and discussing special members of their family. 


Please bring photos of your child with family members to enhance our discussions in class.



Nursery Spots and Stripes Wow Day!


We've had a busy spotty and stripy day.  Have a look at some of our pictures. 



Week 1 Newsletter 8.9.17

Our First Week in Nursery


The Nursery team have really enjoyed spending time with the children this week and getting to know them.

They have all settled in beautifully!


Have a look at some of our photos!

Photos Aut 1

Photos Aut 1 1
Photos Aut 1 2
Photos Aut 1 3
Photos Aut 1 4
Photos Aut 1 5
Photos Aut 1 6
Photos Aut 1 7
Photos Aut 1 8
Photos Aut 1 9
Photos Aut 1 10
Photos Aut 1 11
Photos Aut 1 12
Photos Aut 1 13
Photos Aut 1 14
Photos Aut 1 15
Photos Aut 1 16
Photos Aut 1 17
Photos Aut 1 18

Nursery Fund


We are very busy in Nursery baking, gardening and completing art and craft activities. Please help us to enhance these opportunities for your child by bringing your £1 to nursery on Monday mornings. Alternatively, the total amount for this half term is £5 if you would like to make a single payment.

Thank you!



P.E Day

Please remember that our P.E day is Friday. Children will need to come to Nursery in their pumps on this day.

Stay and Play Sessions


The Stay and Play sessions have now restarted. The activities are aimed at children aged 2 and 3 years of age and take place in our Nursery. Please see the school office or a member of staff for further details. 

Nursery News  


We are always working very hard in Nursery to ensure that your child gets the very best start. You will receive a Nursery Newsletter almost every week to keep you informed on our Half Termly Topics, Wow Events, Achievements, and 'At Home' practical activities to support your child's learning at home. This information can also be obtained from our Nursery Notice Board and right here on our class page. 




This year in the Early Years Foundation Stage we will be using a piece of software/app called Tapestry. It allows us to take photos/videos of your child, link them to the age bands that they are working in and then share this with you via email. This software/app will also enable parents/carers to send photos/videos to Mrs Lee and the Nursery team which we can share with your child throughout the morning.  More information will be provided over the next few weeks.



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