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Year 1 Butterflies

Welcome to Butterflies!


Our class teacher is Mrs Freeman and our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Heal.


We are so excited to learn new things this term and truly blossom into beautiful butterflies!






Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

What are we learning this half term?


Our English theme is  'Traditional Tales'.

We will be reading a range of texts and responding to them.




Which story will you prefer?  Will you like/dislike the characters?

Will we learn any new words?


After all our learning we will become authors and write our own Traditional Tales!


Maths - Have a look at our units ...


Week 1: Number - Number and place value                                                                    


Week 2: Number - Addition and subtraction


Week 3: Geometry - Position and direction


Week 4: Number - Multiplication and division / place value


Week 5: Number - Multiplication and division


Week 6: Measurement


                What problem has the Maths Wizard sent us this week?




Topic - Geography

What's it like where we live?




We will be exploring and learning about our local area. What new places will we find? Will we be able to find Blackburn on a map? I wonder if you can make your own plan? Let's start exploring!

Science - Growing Plants




We will be growing our own beanstalks! How exciting! How will we help them to grow? What do they need to survive? Will yours be the tallest?


QUESTION:  Do you think a plant is a living thing?



Weekly Spellings

The first 100 high frequency words plus words from your child's phonic phase.

Websites to support our learning:

Letters and Sounds

To help your child with their letter sounds please follow the link below. You will be able to hear the letter sound and sing the phonics songs.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Interactive Phonics Presentation"

Remember there are lots of fun learning activities in the kids zone!