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Year 2 Penguins

Welcome to the Penguins




Welcome to the website for Year 2 Penguins.  

Mrs Freeman is the Penguins class teacher, alongside Mrs Stirzaker and Mrs Valley. In the Penguins class we will work hard together as a team, helping each other to grow and become 'Proud Penguins'.



The exciting time of... Autumn 1

Our Value this half term is ... Compassion

Maths -

Please see the document below to view our Maths objectives. They are broken down into daily small steps and have activity suggestions for guidance. If you would like any support with understanding this document please come and see Mrs Freeman.


Watch this space to view our most recent work in Maths!

English -

This half term we will be looking at:

  • Stories with Familiar Settings
  • Non-Chronological Reports
  • Poems on a Theme


The first text that we will be looking at is ...



Who is Katie Morag? Where does she live? Will I have read a story like this before?

I have so many things that I would like to find out! 


Watch this space for our most recent English work.



 The Place Where We Live





                                  Our lead subjects within this topic are history and geography.



What was Blackburn like 20 years ago?

What jobs did the people do?

What does the past mean?

Did my school always look like it does today?

What would my life have been like in the past?



Can I name some features of where I live?

What does human features mean?

Can I read and create a map?

Can I take photographs of where I live?

What would I improve about my local area? Why?


Watch this space for our most recent topic work! We will also be doing art, music and computing all linked to our topic.

What have we been doing so far?

Have a look at our photos.


Art 1 We drew the different lines on the buildings.
Art 2 We spotted a mosque!
Art 3 All the artists at work.
Art 4 We created our backgrounds using rubbings.
Art 5 The floor was a great place to rub!
Art 6 The tyres had an interesting pattern.
Art 7 The bench was tricky to do!
Art 8 The brick wall was great for rubbing.
Art 9 We found lots outside to help with our art.

SATS Documentation -

If you want to support your child with the end of year assessments below are some documents to help.