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Year 2 Polar Bears

Welcome to the Polar Bears



  We stick together WE reach our goals We never give up!



        We stay together as a TEAM!              We ACHIEVE our goals!                     We are DETERMINED!



Welcome to the website for Year 2 Polar Bears. It is a very exciting school year with lots of productive work and interesting experiences. Your teacher is Miss Woodburn alongside Mrs Hester.

We will work hard together as a team and help each other learn and grow to become proud Polar bears.


Please scroll to the bottom of the webpage to view our Autumn 2 Bulletin...

 The exciting time of... Autumn 2

Our Value this half term is ... Peace.  The Penguins will be holding our collective worship this half term and we would love it if you can come and watch.


Maths -

Please see the document below to view our Maths objectives. They are broken down into half termly objectives so please view Autumn 2 for our learning this half term. If you would like any support with understanding this document please come and see Miss Woodburn. She is always happy to help!


Watch this space to view our most recent work in Maths!

English -




This half term we will be looking at Bonfire and Firework Poems! We will be learning all about the different features of a poem and we will be writing our own Poems about Bonfire night. We will then perform them to the rest of the class!

We will also be reading a traditional story but with a new and exciting twist!



See below for our 'theme' and 'genre' coverage in English throughout the year.

Science -

This half term we will be looking at staying healthy both for humans and animals!



We will be thinking about how we can be healthy, through looking at different types of foods, exercise and how we can be happy! We will also be looking at how animals survive and what they need to stay healthy too!


Topic - History

In topic we will be learning all about how the first ever flight across the world changed the future for everyone!





SATS Documentation -

If you want to support your child with the end of year assessments below are some documents to help.