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Year 3 Squirrels

Welcome to the Year 3 Squirrels'


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This year the Squirrels will be working with Mrs Royle, Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Amir.

Our topic in Autumn 2 is 'Healthy Humans'


In English we will be studying different Fables and the underlying morals they provide, followed by poetry then finally persuasive letters.


Mathematics will cover column addition and subtraction with exchanging then we will move on to multiplication and division.


Science will cover nutrition, diet and movement and also the skeleton.


In Art we will be focusing on sketching using different media and look of the work of the famous painter Renoir.


Design Technology will investigate the preparing and making of 'The Eatwell Plate'.


Please read the Bulletin below for more details.





Our Learning in Autumn 2

Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'There's No Place Like Home'.


In English we will be reading and learning about 'Folk Tales'  which are traditional stories often passed on through generations.

In Mathematics our main focus will be place value, addition and subtraction.

We will be learning about our local area in Geography and linking this with History to find out what Blackburn used to be like.

In Science we will be studying light sources, shadows and reflections.


Please see the bulletin below which shows the information for this term..


Our Learning in Year 3