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Year 4 Badgers

Welcome to the Badgers class page!




On this page you will see what we are learning about in Summer 2 in each of our curriculum areas.  This year we are being taught by Miss Colquitt and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Valimulla.




In English this half term our topic is Poetry and we will be focusing on poems by Allan Ahlberg.  Within this topic we will:

- understand the purpose of poetry

- learn the meaning of different poetic devices

- identify different poetic devices in poems by Allan Ahlberg

- write our own poems

- perform our poems.


Throughout this term we are learning about how to read 'actively'.  This means we are:

- asking questions

- making predictions 

- making connections

- forming pictures

- showing our understanding of the vocabulary whilst we are reading a text.




Our topics in maths this half term will be:

- Triangles and Quadrilaterals 

- Written Multiplication and Division 

- Fractions

- Volume and Capacity

- Addition and Subtraction 

- Decimals 

- Position and Direction

- Statistics 


Throughout our maths lessons we will also be using a variety of reasoning activities to explain how we got to our answers and to prove that our answers are correct.






In Science we are learning about 'Living Things and their Habitats'. 

Within this topic we will learn:

- how to group living organisms 

- how to create classification keys

- how to create a food chain

- how living things are adapted to their habitats.




In History we will be learning about 'The Normans'.

 Within this topic we will learn:

- who the Normans were 

- why the Normans built castles and what these castles were like inside

- why the Battle of Hastings was an important event in history

- how to timeline important events in the Norman period.





Our PE day is on a Thursday.  Please ensure children have their full PE kits in school on this day and that earrings are removed before coming to school, so that children can participate fully in each lesson.  Our new topic for this half term is Gymnastics/Dance. 





Every Friday, as part of the Wider Opportunities programme, year 4 children will be receiving drumming lessons.  At the end of this term they will be performing what they have learnt in a small concert.




Every Friday your child will receive spellings to be learnt for the following Friday.  These spellings will be linked to particular rules, which will be learnt in our weekly spelling lessons.  




Your children will receive one piece of English and Maths homework per week, which will be in addition to their spellings, handwriting and times tables.  It will be handed out on a Friday and will be due in on the following Friday.


Badgers library day is on a Wednesday.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child at any time, please do not hesitate to see me after school or to book an appointment.




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