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Welcome to Year 4 Hedgehogs

Hello and a warm welcome to the Hedgehogs webpage  This year Miss Munshi will be teaching the Hedgehogs, supported by Miss Valimulla.  Although the children will be working hard this year, they will be learning many fun, fabulous and fascinating facts and skills which will stay with them forever.



This webpage is designed to help you find out all the information you need to know about what children in Year 4 Hedgehogs will be learning this term.  A good idea is to use this as a reference point to make discussions with your child about what they have been learning at school.



This term in English we will be focusing on writing our own poems.  Like all text types we will begin by identifying the features of the text and then create our own poem to perform. We will be studying poems by Allen Ahlberg to help us understand the purpose of poetry, identify poetic devices and practice the use of these devices to create an effective poem.

Throughout this term we will focus our reading on understanding and pronouncing further exception words and continue to apply our knowledge of root words, suffixes and prefixes to understand the meanings of words.



In maths we will be learning our multiplication facts upto 12 fluently and incorporating reasoning skills, as shared in our parents’ morning.  These are: ‘prove it’, ‘convince me’, ‘another another another’ and ‘what if..?’. The topics we will cover this term are:

* triangles and quadrilaterals

* fractions and decimals

* addition and subtraction

* formal written method of multiplication and division

* statistics

* volume and capacity

* position and direction


It would be very helpful if children could be included in any mathematical problems at home using their reasoning skills.



In Science we are learning about ‘Living things and their Habitats’. Within this topic we will learn to:

* recognize that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways

* name and classify living things in their  local and wider environment

* recognize the cause and effect of changes to living things and their habitats.




In history  we will be looking back at the Normans.

Within this topic we will learn:

* Who were the Normans?

*  Why was the Battle of Hastings so famous?

* Why and how did the Normans build castles?

* How did the Normans record their events?

* Understand the connection between Normans and British history.




As part of the wider opportunities program, year 4 children will continue to receive ‘dholak’ (drumming) lessons every Friday. At the end of this term children will use their skills to play a popular Bollywood song in a bigger and better class performance for the school and parents.



As part of the wider opportunities program children will be having gymnastics every Thursday. Please ensure children have their full P.E. kits in school on this day.




For the final term children will be applying all the spelling rules they have been learning throughout the year to spell the commonly misspelt words in year 4.   Children will still be given a set of spellings to learn every Thursday so please test your child at home in preparation for a spelling test based on those words for the following Thursday.



In addition to spellings and reading, your children will be given both English and maths homework every week. This will also be handed out on Thursday but is due back for the following Monday. Children not handing in all homework on time, will be sent to the homework drop in - during lunch time.

Please ensure you have read with your child and signed their reading record atleast 3 times a week in order for it to be changed for a new one.


Finally, if you have any questions at all please feel free to speak to me after school or call the office to arrange an appointment.



Click on the links below to read our summer 2 bulletin and curriculum overview. 

Here are some useful websites for children to learn interactively:


English – to know more about  poetry see:

Maths- play these games to become maths whizz.

Science- use the categories to learn more about living things.