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Year 4 Hedgehogs

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Welcome to Year 4 Hedgehogs

Hello and a warm welcome to the Hedgehogs webpage  This year Miss Munshi will be teaching the Hedgehogs, supported by Miss Valimulla and Mrs Rhodes.  Although the children will be working hard this year, they will be learning many fun, fabulous and fascinating facts and skills which will stay with them forever.


This webpage is designed to help you find out all the information you need to know about what children in Year 4 Hedgehogs will be learning this term.  A good idea is to use this as a reference point to make discussions with your child about what they have been learning at school.



This term our English will be based on the theme of Issues and Dilemmas and we will be using the story 'The Balaclava Boy'.  Like all text types we will begin by identifying the features and unpicking any new vocabulary of the text to then create our own issues and dilemma story.  For our non-fiction unit we will be looking at Balanced Arguments and debating different view points. Throughout this term we will focus our reading on identify how meaning is enhanced through choice of words and will also apply our handwriting skills daily.



In maths we will be looking closely at how maths is used in our daily lives. As well as this the topics we will cover this term are:

* Number - Multiplication and Division 

* Number - Fractions

* Measurement - Volume and Capacity 

* Number - Addition and Subtraction (Money)

* Number - Decimals 

It would be very helpful if children could continue to be asked what time it is in 12 hour and 24 hour analogue and digital times



In Science we are learning about ‘Which wild plants thrive in our local area’. Within this topic we will learn about:

* How to find living plants and animals in our local area.

* How to group living things. 

* How to use a classification key to identify and name living things. 

* How environments can change and how this can affect the plants and animals that live there.



In Geography we are learning about ‘Can the Earth shake, rattle and roll?’. Within this topic we will learn:

* To describe and understand the key aspects of volcanoes and earthquakes.

* To understand that the distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes follows a pattern.

* About the 'Pacific Ring of Fire'. 



As part of the wider opportunities program, year 4 children will continue receiving music lessons every Friday.



Children will have P.E. every Monday when they will be learning ‘Invasion Games’.  Please ensure children have their full P.E. kits in school on this day and that jewellery is removed in order for them to participate safely.



Over the course of the year your child will receive weekly spellings based on different spelling strings and rules. Children will receive a new set of spellings based on our spelling lessons every Friday and will be tested on these the following Friday.



In addition to spellings and reading, your children will be given both English and maths homework every week. This will be handed out every Friday and is due the following Friday. Children not handing in all homework on time, will be sent to the homework drop in - during lunch time.


Finally, if you have any questions at all please feel free to speak to me after school or call the office to arrange an appointment.


Click on the links below to read our autumn 2 bulletin and curriculum overview, and some useful websites children can learn from and interact with too.


English –