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Year 5 Panthers


Welcome to Panthers!



This year your teacher will be Miss Weddle.

Mrs Esat will also be be helping us this year.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the year ahead!






Year 5 is exciting because we get to go swimming! You must make sure that your swimming kit is in school every Thursday.


This half term our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Your PE kit must be in school to ensure that you can take part.

We've had so much fun already this year!

We've had so much fun already this year! 1 Making fruit parfaits
We've had so much fun already this year! 2 Making fruit parfaits
We've had so much fun already this year! 3 Making fruit parfaits
We've had so much fun already this year! 4 Making fruit parfaits
We've had so much fun already this year! 5 Making fruit parfaits

What will we be learning about in Summer 2?




This half term we will be reading a very famous book called 'The Jungle Book'. We have already had a 'Tigers and Panthers' themed day to celebrate starting this topic. 

We will be writing genres such as balanced arguments and letters.




Year 5 Mathematics Yearly Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Week 1

Place value

Mental x and ÷

(factors, multiples)

Place value

Roman numerals

counting incl. negative numbers

Mental and written division

Place value

Place value

Week 2

Place value (decimals)

Division including problems

Addition and subtraction including problems

2D and 3D shape incl. sorting


Written calculations

Week 3

Written + and –

including problems


(compare, order, equivalence)

Mental and written multiplication

Calculating with fractions

Measures (time) and statistics


Week 4

Geometry (angles)

Multiplication and measures (area)


(length, mass and capacity)

Measures (area and volume)


Measures (mass, volume and capacity)

Week 5

Geometry and measures (perimeter)

Statistics and measures (time)


(reflection and translation)

Statistics and measures

Addition and subtraction

Area and volume of shapes

Week 6

Addition and subtraction (statistics)

Assess and review

Geometry (angles)

Assess and review

Multiplication and division

Assess and review



There are also so many fun ways that you can practise maths whilst you are at home as well. You could play times tables games, use measuring during cooking or help your parents with the shopping.




During Summer 2, we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and their invasion of Britain.



Our topic this half term is 'Finding our way through the moral maze'.



This half term we will be doing outdoor athletics. I wonder who can jump the highest, run the fastest and throw the furthest?





It is so important that you are practising your times tables on a regular basic. Every two weeks, we will be doing the TIMES TABLE CHALLENGE. If you get 20 or more in the challenge, you will move on to the next challenge!




Please support your child in listening to them read three times a week; encouraging them to learn their spellings; encouraging them to go on Mymaths and helping them with their weekly English or Maths homework.

Thank you for all your support. 


It is also so important that your child ENJOYS reading. Please encourage them to read something that they enjoy every day. This could be a novel, a newspaper or a leaflet - anything!

2016-17 Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Summer 2 bulletin