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Our nursery classroom is an environment that promotes all seven areas of learning whilst following all children’s unique interests. 


Autumn term 

During the Autumn term a strong focus is placed on our nursery children developing their physical skills, such as gross and fine motor development. 

Our environment is designed so that children have access to written words including their names. These are found on name labels, books labels and through seeing adults model their own handwriting. Our continuous provision also encourages the use of large movements such as catching, throwing and climbing outdoors and indoor activities such as ‘dough disco’ and ‘write dance’. Mark making is encouraged through the use of pencils, pens, felt tips, whiteboards, chalk, sand, paints etc. Children also develop this through threading beads  and other malleable materials.


Spring term

Moving into the Spring term, children in nursery develop their gross and fine motor skills further by turning pages in a book, sometimes several at once. They begin to show control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools. 

When holding a pencil, children move from a palmer grip towards the use of three fingers, known as a tripod grip. They will begin to draw simple shapes such as circles and lines and may begin to show preference for a dominant hand


Through the use of stories, songs, rhymes and story scribing we extend children’s vocabulary and develop manipulative skills such as playing instruments, scissor skills, playdough and spreading and using cutlery independently. 


Summer term

During the Summer term children begin to notice the marks they make and the meanings they give to them. For example, when a child covers a whole piece of paper and says, “I’m writing”. Our staff in the nursery unit support children in recognising and writing their own names through the use of name labels and book labels. Children are encouraged to write their own name independently, with some reference to an accurate letter shape