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Below is a selection of pictures to show what we have been learning in Year 5. 

Our Achievements


Well done to our Superstars, Perfect Presentation and Pineapple of Bravery winners. Miss Priestley is extremely proud of you all!

NSPCC Number Day

We have shown our support for the NSPCC by participating in a TTRockstars competition and tackling fractions and decimals problems through a range of mini projects. 

Physical Education

In year 5 we have covered a range of sporting activities such as: gymnastics, cricket, rugby skills and hockey. 


In our computing unit we have looked at inputting codes to make planes take off and land on Purple Mash.


In our Music unit we learnt how to play 'Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star' on the recorders.



In our Science unit we have been investigating how to separate mixed particles using different sized sieves. 


In our History unit we have been exploring the circular city of AD 900 Baghdad. The children were then challenged to create a 3D model to deepen their understanding of why the city was built in a circular shape. 


During this Art unit, the children have explored art work created by Henri Rousseau and Ruth Daniels. The children have then created their own versions of rainforests using digital art. 

Design Technology

In D.T. we have been exploring celebration dishes. We have then created our own celebration fruit loaf considering different types of fruits for different celebrations.