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Year 2

Year 2 Rationale

As children begin Year 2, they will revisit some learning from Year 1 and consolidate their locational knowledge on the continents and oceans of the world and facts about the UK. They will also begin to identify human and physical features around their school area. They will discover the use of compasses and the use of directional language: North, East, South and West. They will also explore the school grounds as part of a fieldwork activity, studying maps and symbols and learn how a key is used. They will use this learning to devise a birds-eye view map of the playground using symbols and a key.

In the spring term pupils will revisit human and physical geography focusing on a small area in a non-European country (Bahamas). They will carry out research of this area and then draw comparisons between Blackburn and the Bahamas.

During the summer term, pupils revisit the UK and capital cities and the surrounding seas (locational knowledge). They will also explore daily and seasonal weather patterns in Blackburn, further deepening their understanding of physical geography. Pupils will continue to explore both man-made and key features of their school area (human and physical). Building on the initial learning in the autumn term, pupils will devise a detailed map of their school area and, using symbols and a key, represent features and points of interest.