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Reception Sunshines

       Welcome to the Super Sunshines!

Meet The Reception Sunshines Staff

                                                                          Meet The Reception Sunshines Staff 1 Mrs Holden Class Teacher
                                                                          Meet The Reception Sunshines Staff 2 Miss Hulston Class Teacher
                                                                          Meet The Reception Sunshines Staff 3 Miss Mohammed Teaching Assistant
                                                                          Meet The Reception Sunshines Staff 4 Mrs Patel Teaching Assistant
                                                                          Meet The Reception Sunshines Staff 5 Mrs Hargreaves Special Support Assistant

Summer 2 - Mega Monsters


This half term we will be learning all about Mega Monsters- those huge creatures that are alive now and that were alive long ago (yes, that does mean dinosaurs!)

We will be experimenting with creating fact files about living 'monsters' from the land and sea before our exciting trip to Blackpool Zoo and will finish the year by investigating monsters that lived millions of years ago and answering questions like "Did dinosaurs have feathers?" and "How big was the biggest dinosaur?" 

We will be looking to consolidate our understanding of Number by counting back and counting in groups of 2s and 5s to make counting quicker and also re-visiting 3D shapes to create exciting monster models.


We will be working within the Early Learning Goals for all 7 areas of learning and dipping into the exceeding statements too. 

We really enjoyed our trip to Blackpool Zoo, have a look at our photos!



Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2

Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 1 everyone pull a silly face
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 2 Cheeky monkeys
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 3 In the primate house
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 4 "it's smelly in here"
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 5 how cute!
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 6 the otter wouldn't stop squeaking!
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 7 enjoying our lunch
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 8 meerkat on the lookout
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 9 the giraffes
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 10 "Look at that"
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 11 we really loved the dinosaur park
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 12 in the elephant house
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 13 one of the tortoises was 101 years old!
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 14 these cheeky monkeys jumped everywhere!
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 15 peacock
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 16 peacock on the prowl
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 17 "wow!"
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 18 helping each other do the seatbelts on the coach
Blackpool Zoo Trip Summer 2 19 the zoo is exhausting!

Summer 1  Topic - Growing 


Our topic this half term is Growing (Plants & Animals).


We will be…..

  • Planting fruit, veg, flowers in our outdoor planters
  • Observing the life cycle of a frog & butterfly
  • Art (Vincent Van Gough) Sunflowers/The Lily Pond
  • Healthy Practices


Maths: In maths we will be learning about time, halving, counting on and back from any given number within the 1 – 20 range, weight and counting in groups of 2, 5, 10 and calculating.


Literacy: In Literacy this half term our stories will be based around plants and animals. We will be writing short stories with a particular focus on sequencing events in the correct order. We will be responding to questions involving who, what when, where, why to plan our narratives. The children will also be encouraged to hold discussions using past, present and future tense phrases. We will be growing cress and lettuce seeds which will allow us to explore Non-Fiction instruction writing. Children will make their own cheese and cress/lettuce sandwich to sell in our role play café. The Sunshines are also hoping to visit the local park to investigate plants and growth. We will use this opportunity to explore the features, and write our own recount relating to the park trip.


Have a look at the gallery to see what we've been up to....




Spring 2 Topic Travel and Transport  

Topic: This half term we will be looking at Journeys and different types of Transport. If you have any photos of your child on a plane, train, boat etc. please send them to school. We will begin by exploring some customs and celebrations in the Country of China for our Chinese New Year Week. We will then be looking at the role of the Emergency Services and some of the vehicles they use to carryout their work. *Please send in any junk modelling materials so we can make vehicles.


Literacy: Our books will be themed around Transport e.g. Whatever Next! (a rocket trip to the moon) and The Naughty Bus. We are continuing to develop our understanding of events in stories. We will be writing for lots of different purposes, with a focus on using our phonics to segment sounds in words and sentences. If you have not yet done so, please encourage your child to try the ‘Teach your Monster to Read’ game which will help with their phonics. Passwords were sent out in the Autumn Term.


Maths: We will start by looking at ‘doubling’ numbers and recording our own calculations, addition by starting with the larger number and counting on to reach the total amount, subtraction by counting back. Later we will explore the concept of sharing amounts equally, followed by time and halving shapes, food and quantities.



Our PE sessions have now changed to Thursdays. We will be doing gymnastics with a specialist teacher.

Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school.

Spring 1 2018


Happy New Year to all our families!


Our topic this half term is Traditional Tales .


Maths: In maths we will be learning about money and the value of different coins. We will also be exploring place value with a particular emphasis on teen numerals. Children will also learn the names and properties of some common 2D & 3D shapes. Finally we will be training our brains to interpret and solve some addition and subtraction calculation problems.


Literacy: In Literacy this half term we will be looking at a range of Traditional Tales e.g. The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, plus others. We will be developing our story telling skills by retelling these stories. We will also be encouraging children to use vocabulary such as fiction/storybook, title, character, event and setting. Children will use their knowledge of storybook language to write their own short narratives. Within this, we will explore the concept of a sentence and look at using basic punctuation.


In addition the children will also be participating in lots of other fun activities such as baking and decorating Gingerbread Men, instructing programmable toys such a beebots in order to go on a journey, carrying out scientific investigations to establish how to grow our own 'magic beanstalk', learning how at identify dangers in the environment, using the internet to search for information, healthy practises via PE such as participating in regular exercise, getting fresh air, eating well, and washing our hands to prevent the spread of germs and illness and finally keeping our community/environment tidy. 


Autumn 2- Celebrations.


We are starting off this half term by looking at Celebrations. We will be looking at Autumn, bonfire night, birthdays, Diwali and Christmas. We will also be meeting special people who help us during our “Safety Week”.

Literacy / phonics: We will continue to work on our blending and segmenting skills. Please continue to access the list of websites you received in your phonics pack at the end of last half term. We will also be continuing to apply our phonic skills in daily reading and writing activities.


Maths: In maths we will be looking at pattern, number – 1 more/less, capacity, estimation, subraction and positional language.


Autumn 1 topic: Marvellous Me

Welcome to Reception Sunshines. This half term our topic is 'Marvellous Me'. We will be learning to make new friendships, talk about our feelings and starting our journeys to becoming independent lifelong learners. 

We will begin to learn our Phase 2 phonics, where we will practice lots of blending for reading and segmenting for writing. We will also be learning to recognise and write our names. In maths we will be matching numerals to quantities and learning lots of new mathematical vocabulary related to calculation. 


At home, please provide your child with as many opportunities for mark making as you can, such as painting, drawing and colouring to improve their pencil control.

Sunshine's Yearly Learning Journey

Star Moments from home - please use these sheets to tell us about your childs achievements

Useful websites to support your  child's learning:


Letters and Sounds

To help your child with their letter sounds please follow the link below. You will be able to hear the letter sound and sing the phonics songs.


The cbeebies  website also has lots of games and interactive resources.




Children should bring their book bags to school everyday.

Please ensure your child's reading books are read and signed 3 times per week.


PE days:

This term our PE day is on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child's PE bag is in school everyday with a named t-shirt, shorts and pumps. Please regularly check that your child's pumps fit correctly.





Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).