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Year 3 Owls

Welcome to Year 3 Owls!




Welcome to the Owls' class page!

Your class teacher is Mrs Nelson.

We are supported by Mrs Patel.



Autumn 2


This half term our topic is 'Healthy Humans'.


In Science we will be looking at the 'Eat-well plate' and discussing what makes a healthy diet. We will also look at each of the food groups and how they help our bodies.


In Design Technology, we will be looking at picnic food that is available to buy e.g. premade sandwiches and evaluate them. We will then design our own sandwich for a picnic.


In Art, we will be doing some observational drawings of fruit and vegetables and creating our own clay sculptures.


In English we are starting the half term by looking at Fables. We will be reading lots of them and discussing the morals, we will innovate one and eventually write one of our own. This half term we will also be learning about Poetry and writing letters.


In Maths, we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction, with a focus on written methods. We will then go on to look at multiplication and division.


Please see below for our Half Term Bulletin.



As part of our Science topic, we made shadow puppets to investigate shadows.

Making slime for our Big Write instructions.

Autumn 1


In maths we are focussing on ‘Place value’ and ‘Addition and Subtraction’. This will involve making numbers in a range of ways e.g base 10, drawing, and learning new methods.


In Literacy we are starting with a unit on Folk Tales. We are reading ‘The Tin Forest’ and will be working on writing our own version. We will follow this with a unit on Biographies, where we will focus on Walt Disney.


Our Topic this half term is ‘There’s no place like home’. We will be focussing on our local area and learning about what life was like when our school was built. As part of our unit we will be going on a walk around our local area to take photos of some of the features.


Our Science unit is ‘Light and shadows’. We will be looking at sources of light and how shadows and reflections are made.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview