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Year 5 Tigers

     Welcome to the Tigers' webpage!    


The Tiger's teacher this year is Mrs. Ayoub.

Mrs. Mulla will also be helping us in Year 5, in the mornings.



The Tigers' library day is every other Tuesday.

We go swimming on a Thursday morning and our PE sessions are now on 

a FRIDAY afternoon - please don't forget your kit!




How can you help your child to succeed at school?


- test your child on their times tables REGULARLY!!

By the END of year 5 children should know them ALL off by heart!

Can they say them in order? What about BACKWARDS?!

Can they answer random quickfire questions?



In Maths, we will also be practising written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods - you could help your child by asking them to explain to you what they have learnt - see if they can teach you a new method!!



- test your child on their weekly SPELLINGS

Can they spell the word out loud? Can they write it down?


- TALK to your child! Ask them what they are learning. This really is one of the best ways to help your child.

Can they teach you something you don't already know? 


Please support your child in listening to them read three times a week; encouraging them to learn their spellings; encouraging them to go on My Maths and helping them with their weekly English and Maths homework.

Thank you for all your support. smiley