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Year 5 Tigers

     Welcome to the Tigers' webpage!    


The Tiger's teachers this year are... 

Mrs. Laher and Mrs. Chatten.



The Tigers' library day is every other Tuesday.

We go swimming on a Thursday morning and our PE sessions are now on 

a TUESDAY afternoon - please don't forget your kit!





Summer 2




This half term, in English, we will be looking at the Jungle Book. We will be writing balanced arguments, letters and short stories.

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We are hoping that the children can improve their writing skills by concentrating on shorter stories. They can use some of their fantastic descriptions that they learnt to write by studying The Highwayman.


We will also be studying the Year 5 grammar syllabus, looking at areas such as how to use relative clauses, commas and the active and passive voice. Ask your child if they know what these mean and where/how to use them.


We will also be continuing our reading comprehension lessons. The children are learning how to do active reading and how this helps them to answer questions.

Ask your child to read a short piece of text at home and see how much they can tell you about it e.g. what they think it is about, when is it set, what impression do they get of the characters, what prior knowledge do they have? If there are any words that you don't know, look them up in a dictionary, then see if you can use them at school!




Year 5 Mathematics Yearly Overview

This is the yearly overview for Maths. We will be working through these topics in our Maths lessons Monday to Thursday and on Fridays, we will be doing calculation practise. 


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Week 1

Place value

Mental x and ÷

(factors, multiples)

Place value

Roman numerals

counting incl. negative numbers

Mental and written division

Place value

Place value

Week 2

Place value (decimals)

Division including problems

Addition and subtraction including problems

2D and 3D shape incl. sorting


Written calculations

Week 3

Written + and –

including problems


(compare, order, equivalence)

Mental and written multiplication

Calculating with fractions

Measures (time) and statistics


Week 4

Geometry (angles)

Multiplication and measures (area)


(length, mass and capacity)

Measures (area and volume)


Measures (mass, volume and capacity)

Week 5

Geometry and measures (perimeter)

Statistics and measures (time)


(reflection and translation)

Statistics and measures

Addition and subtraction 

Area and volume of shapes

Week 6

Addition and subtraction (statistics)

Assess and review

Geometry (angles)

Assess and review

Multiplication and division

Assess and review


By the end of Year 5 EVERY times table up to 12 should be learnt, not only to say in order but also to answer random quick fire tables. 


Some of the Tigers STILL need to

learn their tables!

Please encourage your child to do this.




In TOPIC we will be studying 'The Anglo-Saxons.'

We will be looking at who they were and why/when they invaded Britain. We will also cover law and order in Anglo-Saxon times. They had some very unusual punishments; can you find out any to share with the class?

We will also be looking at what impact they have had on our lives today.

In RE, our topic is 'Finding our way through the moral maze.'

What does 'morals' mean? What are your morals in life? Do you always stick to them? How can what we learn help us to be more tolerant of those around us?

In DT we are continuing mechanical systems.

We are going to be creating an exhibition showcasing our work. We will be making cards and pictures with moveable parts. We are going to have lots of fun, seeing what creative ideas we can come up and what we can make move!


In PE we are doing outdoor athletics. 

Who can run, jump and throw the furthest?

Are you up to the challenge?



What an exciting term this is

going to be!!

How can you help your child to succeed at school?


- test your child on their times tables REGULARLY!!

By the END of year 5 children should know them ALL off by heart!

Can they say them in order? What about BACKWARDS?!

Can they answer random quickfire questions?



In Maths, we will also be practising written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods - you could help your child by asking them to explain to you what they have learnt - see if they can teach you a new method!!



- test your child on their weekly SPELLINGS

Can they spell the word out loud? Can they write it down?


- TALK to your child! Ask them what they are learning. This really is one of the best ways to help your child.

Can they teach you something you don't already know? 


Please support your child in listening to them read three times a week; encouraging them to learn their spellings; encouraging them to go on My Maths and helping them with their weekly English and Maths homework.

Thank you for all your support. smiley

Summer 1 Bulletin

2016-17 Year 5 Curriculum Overview