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Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract Approach

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract Approach


When teaching a new skill, we use the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract).  Firstly the mathematical skill (e.g. adding together two one-digit numbers) is taught through the use of different concrete manipulatives, which pupils can hold and move (e.g. cubes).  Once they have developed a secure understanding of this, pupils progress onto using mathematical drawings to represent the concrete manipulatives that they have previously used.  Finally, once ready to progress further, pupils are taught to use numbers to represent their drawings.  This approach provides flexibility in the teaching of Maths, meaning that if a pupil is finding one of the steps too challenging or easy, they can be moved to the previous or next step in order to meet their individual learning needs. This approach ensures pupils develop a deeper understanding of each mathematical skill, enabling them to recall their learning independently at a later point and apply this knowledge in a variety of ways.