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Year 1

Year 1 Rationale


Autumn 1

‘Hey You’ is the song learnt in the first term. The style of the song is Old School Hip-Hop. Within the unit, children learn how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together. Children start each lesson by listening and appraising a different music in the style as the song they are learning. They answer questions about the style of music using musical vocabulary. Examples of the questions are: Do you like the song? What can you hear? What is the style of the music? How is the song put together? The same questions are asked each week to different songs so children can build up their understanding of the questions, compare different songs and use the correct musical vocabulary.


Children then take part in warm up games, including vocal warm-ups. Each week is progressive, with children learning new skills each week. Week 1 involves learning to sing the song. Week 2 involves learning to play the instrument (glockenspiel/recorder), using 1 note (C). Week 3 involves improvising the song. Weeks 4-6 focus on composing with the song. The learning from previous weeks is recapped at the beginning of the following lesson. The last stage of the lesson is the children performing what they have learned in the lesson.


Autumn 2

The Unit of Work for Autumn 2 is ‘lighter’ in content giving opportunity for children to learn Christmas songs for the School Nativity. In weeks 1-3 the children learn to sing the song ‘Rhythm in The Way We Walk’ (Reggae style). In weeks 4-6 they learn to sing the song ‘The Banana Rap’ (Hip-Hop style). This is an action song/rap about the dimensions of music but focusses more on pitch. The same lesson structure is followed at the beginning of the lesson by children listening and appraising different styles of music. Children then participate in flexible games and learn to sing the songs. The end of the lesson is spent performing the song. The unit of work builds on previous learning by children exploring pulse, rhythm and pitch, rapping, dancing and singing.


Spring 1

‘In The Groove’ is an easy-to-learn song that demonstrates different styles of music (Blues, Latin, Folk and Funk). The listen and appraise part of the lesson allows children to listen to different songs in the styles of music they are learning about. Children then complete the warm-up games (including vocal warm-ups). Children progress through the weeks by learning to sing the song in different styles; Blues, Latin, Folk and Funk. Children learn to play the glockenspiel (notes C and D) in this unit of work. Lessons can be easily differentiated by the more-able children playing notes C, D and E.


Spring 2

‘Round and Round’ is the song learned in Spring 2 (Bossa Nova Latin style). The main learning for this unit is centred around pulse, rhythm and pitch in different styles of music. The listen and appraise part of the lesson allows children to listen to different styles of music. Children then complete the warm-up games (including vocal warm-ups). Children learn to sing the song and play the glockenspiel (notes D, F and C). As the unit progresses, children improvise with the song.


Summer 1

‘Your Imagination’ is a Pop song learned in Summer 1. The unit focusses on the children using their imagination. The listen and appraise part of the lesson allows children to use their imagination whilst listening to different songs. The Music activities allow children to learn the song and play an instrument. They then compose/improvise the end section of the song. Children have the chance to use their imagination to write their own lyrics to the song.


Summer 2

During this half-term, children complete the ‘Reflect, Rewind and Replay’ part of the scheme. This allows children to consolidate their learning of the whole scheme of work taught in the year. During the listen and appraise section, children listen to Classical music. During this unit they learn about the history of music and learn some of the language of music. The Interrelated Dimensions of Music learned in Year 1 are built upon in Year 2.