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Year 5

Year 5 Rationale

In Y5 pupils begin to select appropriate skills and tactics to use within games. Pupils have mastered the basic fundamental skills and understand how to apply them across a range of sports.

In Y5 pupils are taught using the topics:


Invasion Games – Hockey

In this unit pupils learn to select tactics when playing hockey type games. Pupils choose and apply skills consistently. Pupils learn to intercept a pass, dribble a ball using a hockey stick and are able to evaluate their own and others performances.



Throughout this unit pupils revisit a range of jumps and travelling movements. Pupils explore different partner balances, counter balances and acrobatic gymnastics. Pupils create a sequence with a partner and then develop this sequence on apparatus.


Net and Wall – Tennis

In this unit pupils understand the basic principles of attacking. Pupils revisit the skill of being able to send and receive a ball and progress this to be able to use forehand and backhand strokes.


Striking and Fielding – Cricket

In this unit pupils revisit sending a ball in a game and receiving a ball in a game. Pupils learning progresses to be able to strike a ball in a game, use simple tactics in a game and fielding a ball.



Pupils are proficient in copying and adapting a sequence of movements. Pupils learning encourages them to create and work collaboratively on a sequence of movements linked to a theme. Pupils perform their sequence with control, accuracy and good coordination.



Across this unit pupils learn to: use running, jumping and throwing skills in isolation. Pupils combine jumping actions and throwing and jumping and throwing skills in athletic type activities.


Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Also in Y5, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in outdoor adventurous activities fostering a sense of team spirit and cooperation through a residential trip to Tower Wood, where professionally qualified instructors offer exciting opportunities such as: Gorge scrambling, kayaking, raft building, orienteering, high ropes course and abseiling. During this visit, pupils also gain independence and responsibility.