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Year 3

Year 3


Lower KS2 pupils are given the opportunity to revisit and build on the technical skills previously taught in KS1. Year 3 pupils develop their understanding of cooking and nutrition, mechanical systems and structures.  They continue to deepen their understanding of the evaluate, design, make and evaluate process.


Cooking & Nutrition

In cooking and nutrition, pupils build on their understanding of where food is sourced and nutritional value by learning about the Eatwell Plate and a wider variety of food groups.  Year 3 children are introduced to the differences between fresh and processed ingredients and whether they are grown, reared or caught.  They refer back to (and expand) their practical use of appropriate equipment/utensils and food hygiene to produce a healthy drink.


Mechanical Structures

The area of mechanical structures introduces pupils to levers and linkages.  They investigate and evaluate a range of products and learn how to create and distinguish between fixed and loose pivots.  With some accuracy they will select from and use appropriate tools with some accuracy to cut, shape and join paper and card to produce a moving product.



Revisiting the area of structures, pupils develop and use their knowledge of how to construct strong, stiff structures to create a shell structure.  They should make cross curricular links to maths – using their knowledge of nets and cuboids and where appropriate, more complex 3d shapes.  To produce a product, they learn how to measure, mark and score with increasing accuracy.

When evaluating a final product against a design brief, Year 3 pupils are expected to explain and justify design/finishing decisions they have made - by comparing against similar products.