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Year 3/4

Year 3/4 Rationale.

Autumn Term


In Year 3 children start the Junior Jam Level 1 Computing program with the support of a specialist instructor. They will focus on iMedia throughout the autumn term. 


Year 3 will begin the autumn term with using a program called iJam. This is an introduction to basic song writing skills using the GarageBand app. Pupils
will work in pairs or small groups to create a short composition using a variety of
instruments and sounds available in the app. Tempo will be addressed, both in
relation to musical genre and how it affects the feel and impact of a song. Musical
and rhythmical patterns will be developed, and pupils will appraise each other's work with a view to implementing changes and improving their compositions.


Later on in the term Year 3 will use a program called iProgram. Pupils will use a variety of apps to learn key coding skills. They will learn how to use
the coding language 'Blockly' to introduce key programming elements such as steps, loops, basic logic and functions such as 'if' statements. This will progress into using code to create Spirograph style artwork.



Spring Term


Year 3 will begin the spring term using a program called iOffice which centres around Online Safety. 


Pupils will combine leaning how to stay safe while on a digital device with learning
how to operate Office 365 programs. Our E-Safety module covers Cyber Bullying,
Online Gaming, Trust, Digital Reputation, Location Permissions, Online Contact and Social Media. All of these topics are covered alongside learning how to use the basic functions within Word and Excel. 


Year 3 will then move onto using iCreate which is all about Stop Motion. During the first half of iStop Motion, pupils will learn about stop motion animation
and create a short stop motion film. Following this, pupils will learn about postproduction effects such as ‘Chroma key’ and ‘Foley’. Pupils will finish by combining their animation and post-production skills together to create a final piece with sound, video effects, chroma key and animated 2D titles.



Summer Term


In the last term of the academic year, the children will be looking at and exploring a communication module. 


This module focuses on podcasting, blogging, vlogging and broadcast channels. Pupils will look at the origins of these four areas before learning how to create their own. Pupils will also discuss how digital networks such as the internet have made remote collaborations possible and very easy.


Finally Year 3 will be exploring iTech. Pupils will build upon their coding knowledge gained during Level 1 iProgram and learn how to control both simulated and external systems. Pupils will use computational thinking to plan, create and write a program to run an external device.