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St Michael With St John Church of England Primary School

Nurture, Inspire, Achieve!

Our Vision

The Creation of our Vision


In the academic year 2019/20, we consulted with all stakeholders to develop a new inclusive & distinctive Christian vision, motto and mission statement to shape the strategic direction of our school.  This was implemented in the autumn term 2020.

The creation of our vision began in a session with staff that was supported by an adviser from Blackburn Diocese.  During this visioning session we discussed what was special about our school and what influenced the way we served our children and families.  We knew that a number of contextual factors impact on our children and families.


Given the context of our school, we agreed that the first thing we needed to do was provide high quality nurture and support, and teach our children to show love and respect for others. This would enable them to succeed and flourish, and make a positive contribution to society.


We established the importance of providing our children with exciting opportunities within our curriculum and beyond, that they may not normally have access to out of school, so they were inspired and enthused to learn more, and have high aspirations for the future.


We all strongly believed that through nurturing and inspiring our children, this would enable them to achieve in life, and develop academically and socially, and to succeed in school and beyond.  This belief led to the creation of our motto – Nurture, Inspire, Achieve!


We then selected a verse from the Bible that we felt best reflected our vision.  This was from the Gospel of Matthew (19:26), ‘with God all things are possible’.  We all felt that our vision was firmly rooted in this and was also encapsulated in the motto we had chosen.


Following the visioning session with staff, we shared our draft vision with governors.  We also held class council sessions and shared our ideas with our parents, so that all stakeholders were given the chance to contribute towards the creation of our new vision. 


In Spring 2021, we went on to survey all stakeholders to choose 6 core Christian values from the 18 we taught, that we felt were the most important and reflected our vision.  The chosen values were: love, peace, friendship, forgiveness, respect and service. 


Our shared Christian vision and values are now at the heart of school life.  Our staff and children say they impact positively on their everyday actions and choices.  Our Christian vision and values make our school a really special place!


Please click on the links below to see some of the ways in which we live out our vision.