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Reception Sunshines

Welcome to Reception Sunshines!


Mrs Holden and Mrs Rice are delighted to be teaching the Reception Sunshines this year.  Mrs Patel will also be helping us in Reception.  On our class page you will find lots of important information such as our class Bulletin, Curriculum Overview, Knowledge Organiser and lots of useful websites to support learning.

Important Reminders

* PE - Our PE day is Wednesday. Please can children come into school wearing their PE clothes on this day only (PE kit and grey/black joggers).

* School Library - The Sunshines are very lucky to have their own special library in the Resource area which is new for 2020! Books are provided for children which cover all of the topics learned in class. 

* Homework - is given out every Thursday and should be returned on Monday.  Homework includes: home reading (3 parent signatures required), a Jolly Phonics activity and one other piece to be completed.  

Phonics training for parents

Please click on the link below to access a very useful Phonics training session by Mrs Holden. This will help you to support your child's reading and writing. 

Home Learning Tasks for Isolating Children

Week beginning  30th November 2020


  • We are having a party for Kipper's birthday on Friday afternoon. Write a party invitation for Kipper's Birthday. 




  • Ask your grown up when your birthday is. Learn the date and the month. Can you write your birthday in your book?


  • Go on an Autumn walk with your family and collect some objects (leaves, twigs, acorns, etc). Write a list of 3 objects which you have found. Use your phonics sounds to help you to write the words.


  • Use your laminated name card to recognise and copy the letters in your name. (If you can independently write your first name, practise writing your surname too). 


  • Learn the Jolly Phonics songs by clicking on the link below.


  • Read your home reading book to an adult and talk about the story. Discuss the place where the story took place (beach, woods, palace, etc.) and the characters. Can you talk about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?


  • Practise blending sounds for reading: (Alphablocks video - join in with blending)


  • Have a go at thinking of, saying and writing a sentence about what you have been doing at home. Finger tell your sentence by counting how many words are in your sentence. Use your phonics sounds to help you to write the words. Can you hear the first sound in each word? Post your pictures of your writing on Tapestry for us to see.


  • Learn some new nursery rhymes and sing along to them with your family. There's over 100 songs to choose from on the website below. Have fun singing! smiley



  • Order objects around your house from the shortest to the longest? Take a photograph and upload it to Tapestry.


  • Learn to find 1 less than a number. Watch the video. these number sentences and work out the answers in your book (use objects around your house to help you).
  • 6-1=
  • 5-1=
  • 4-1=
  • 3-1=


  • Learn to find 1 more than a number upto 10.

Write these number sentences and work out the answers in your book (use counters or a number line to help).






  • Can you finish the repeating patterns? (Use the link below to access the game).


  • Can you make repeating patterns using objects in your home or outside? You could make a fruit kebab! Put your photos on Tapestry so we can see them.           
  • Learn to count up to 10 objects:


  • Count household objects around your home such as cups, stairs, clothing, toys, etc. Remember to use your careful counting skills by looking a each object, touching it and saying one number name.


  • Identify numerals around your home (clock, door number, car registration, books, calendar, phone, etc.)


  • Learn a range of counting/shape songs by clicking on the links below:


  • Match numeral to quantity by clicking on the links below:


  • Learn to recognise, name and sort 2D shapes:


  • Practise writing numbers 1-10:




  • Act out the Christmas story with your family members.



  • Learn about the Season Autumn. What is special about Autumn? Can you go on an Autumn walk? Collect some Autumn objects (leaves, twigs, conkers, etc). Draw a picture of the things you can see. Can you colour in your picture using Autumn colours?


  • Create an Autumn collage. Watch the video below for ideas.                                             


  • Look at the Knowledge Organiser (link below) for this half-term. Learn the new vocabulary and key facts.


  • Learn about different celebrations:


  • Learn about Birthdays and why we celebrate them:


  • Listen to the story of the Rainbow Fish and talk to your family members about how you can be a good friend. Can you draw a picture of your best friend and write their name?


  • Learn to tidy up your toys at home. Can you sort and match your coloured pencils or bricks. Use the tidy up music below to help you get faster each time:


  • Learn the 4 seasons of the year.


  • Music - listen to different sounds and learn new songs:


  • Purplemash - Use your login to explore some of the games on Purplemash.


  • Story Time  - Click on one of Mr Simpson's story telling links below. Relax and enjoy! 


Meet the Teacher


Please click on the link below to watch the video

Autumn 2

We are starting off this half term by looking at Celebrations. We will be looking at Autumn, bonfire night, birthdays, Diwali and Christmas.

Homework: Please complete your Phonics Activity Sheets. Your child will be receiving a reading book with words. These words are phonetically decodable. * Please encourage your child to sound out the letters and blend the sounds together in order to read each word.


Literacy / phonics: We will continue to work on our blending and segmenting skills. We will also be continuing to apply our phonic skills in daily reading and writing activities.

Maths: In maths we will be looking at pattern, number – 1 more/less, capacity, estimation, addition by combining two groups and positional language.  

Values: Each half term we think about a school value. This half term we are thinking about ‘Peace’.


Please continue to check our class page on the school website for any updates. Mrs Holden will shortly be uploading a Phonics Training video to help parents to support their child with reading and writing strategies at home.

Autumn 1

Our value this half term is FAIRNESS.  Don't forget to complete your values task at home - it could be included on our next newsletter!


This half term, we will be learning all about ourselves. Our Topic is "All About Me". We will be creating our own set of class rules and beginning to establish a new routine. The children will also be taking part in a range of fun learning games to enable us to make new friends and get to know other members of the class.


The staff will also be carrying out a number of important language and learning assessment activities, in order to establish a starting point for each child's Learning Journey in Reception. 


Later in the half term, we will be focusing on other family members and sharing some of the special times we have spent taking part in outings, celebrations and other special memories. This will help us to get to know individual interests, and use them to plan meaningful learning opportunities within the classroom.

Yearly Overview 
Weekly News Letters
Half-termly Bulletins
Knowledge Organisers
Medium Term Overview

Useful Websites

Letters and Sounds

To help your child with their letter sounds please follow the link below. You will be able to hear the letter sound and sing the phonics songs.

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Story Time

Mr Simpson our very own 'story teller' has recorded some wonderful stories for you to listen to at home. Just click on the links below to enjoy:  The Gruffalo  The Gingerbread Man  Someone Bigger  Owl Babies  The Three Billy Goats Gruff  Not Now, Bernard!  The Tiger Who Came to Tea  Mrs McTats and her Houseful of Cats  The Gruffalo's Child  Six Dinner Sid  Where the Wild Things Are  Farmer Duck  Supertato - Veggies in the Valley of Doom  The Snail and the Whale  The Scariest Thing of All   Mr Brave  (Mr Men)  I'm Not Your Friend  The Giant's Loo Roll  Dave, the Lonely Monster  Room on the Broom  Little Miss Trouble  (Mr Men)   The Wind in the Willows   Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School   A Squash and a Squeeze  I Don't Want to Go to Bed  Cinderella  The Smartest Giant in Town  I Want to Go Home  Charlie Cook's Favourite Book   Mr Cheerful   I Want Two Birthdays   The Truth Pixie  I Want to Do It Myself  Cave Baby  Puss in Boots  Aliens Love Underpants




If you need to contact Mrs Rice, please send a message below:

If you need to contact Mrs Holden, please send a message below: