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Year 5/6

Year 5/6 Rationale.

Autumn Term


Pupils will now be on Level 3 of the Junior Jam Computing program whilst again being supported with Computing specialist. 


The children will begin Level 2 with focusing on the origin and progression of HipHop. Pupils will study the basic elements of the genre and develop their sampling and audio editing skills to create their own original Hip-Hop track. As well as using 'GarageBand', other apps will be introduced so participants can add their own drum rhythms, loops and sampled sounds to their compositions. Pupils will progress to writing lyrics to accompany their tracks.


Then the pupils will move onto a coding focused module called iProgram. This course will require pupils to use their knowledge of 'Blockly' to search through a broken program and repair the mistakes to make it function correctly. They will use their computational thinking to decompose the problem and create a coding solution. Pupils will then be able to apply this process to create programs of their own design.


Spring Term


Year 5 and 6 will start the spring term with an Excel based module called iCompany. Pupils will begin with a recap of basic Excel knowledge gained in Level 1 before moving on to more advanced functions within the app. Their task is to act as movie producers and decide on a style of animated movie to put into production. Working in pairs, pupils will start by inputting and analysing data allowing them to make important production decisions. The class will develop their Excel skills and learn how to successfully use a variety of advanced functions within a spreadsheet.


Next the children will be exploring animation even further than Year 4. This module looks into early 2D animation and its development over time. Pupils will
start with basic flip books before developing different skills to produce a 2D piece of vector art. Students will focus on character design, plot development and how
characters will interact.



Summer Term


Year 5 and 6 will start the final term of the year being introduced to advertising with the iAdvertise module. 


Pupils will be introduced to advertising across three different mediums: Print, TV and Radio. Participants will learn how to create radio adverts and jingles to suit different products and themes, create a TV advert for a new product and finally a digital print advert for their product. The outcome will be for pupils to have a series of works surrounding the advertisement industry. Pupils will look at collaborations of different departments in the same company to make a rounded campaign.


Finally pupils will be tasked with investigating and solving a crime. Before going to trial they will learn about evidence collecting and analysing, code breaking, observation and communication skills as well as presenting evidence. All of these skills will be put to the test with a real-life scenario.