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Year 6 Lions

Welcome to the Year 6 Lions!

Summer 1


Welcome back.  I hope you have had a good break and are all keeping safe and well.  This term's value is 'Love', which is very appropriate in these testing times!   As we enter another 3 weeks of lock down, work tasks will be updated on here daily.  If you need to contact me, please use the contact form at the bottom.  However, I won't be able to reply to any messages sent from school email accounts. It has to be your parents' email address.

***I've been informed that one or two of you may have already completed your home work book- well done if you have!  Any further work can be done on any paper you can get hold of - or saved in word documents.*** 


As discussed in school, please find the list of daily activities below.  Scroll down for downloadable documents.

Monday 18.5.20


Download the and check your SPAG test answers.

Complete the next 10 min reading test and mark it.

Today is 'National visit your relatives day.'  It really is, google it!

Sadly, we can't do that at the moment, so your task it to write a letter to a relative explaining what it's been like for you since school closed.   Think carefully about who you have chosen.   If they are a similar age to you, it could be an informal letter.  If the person is older, it may be more formal - especially if you don't see them often. It's very important to consider your audience (who the writing is for). You could even post it - everybody likes to receive a letter through the post!


T.T Rockstars;  Spend 15 mins competing against others.  Record your best score. 


Statistics:  Log in to Purple Mash.  You have been set work to complete a chart.  The chart must show the number of visits to a museum below.

Monday:  19

Tuesday: 32

Wednesday 12


Friday: 73

Saturday: 45

Sunday: 18


If you are stuck, watch the video in the top right corner.

When you have saved it.  Calculate the range, mode, median and mean - and write them in your book.  Answers will be given tomorrow.



Start the week with an exercise session with Joe Wicks:


STEM Challenge

If you haven't done it already...

We've made simple planes before...but there are lots of designs out there.  Your challenge is to choose, make and fly 2 of the amazing designs at

There are lots of incredible designs, each with instructions and videos.  Take a video or picture of the planes flying and explain which one was the best and why.  Email them to the office.

Tuesday 19.5.20


Word of the day: Cynical

Find out the meaning, word class,  synonym and antonym.  Write them in your book together with a sentence with  'cynical' in context.


Complete the Comprehension lesson at



Yesterday's answers 

Mean = 31

Mode = 18

Median =19

Range = 61


Spend 10 minutes playing countdown:


Today we are revisiting rounding numbers.  Download the PowerPoint below and answer questions 1,2,3,4,6, 8 and 9.



This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  Look on the school web pag and choose an activity to do.  You can do as many as you like.


20.5.20 Wednesday 

The Joy of Moving



Today you are doing something slightly different.  As part of Mental Health Awareness week, you will be focusing on 'The Joy of Moving'.  Download the booklet below - It is full of activities and sports games you can play individually or with your family.  Sport and exercise is proven to increase  your mental well being.  Follow the booklet and send any photos/videos of games that you play to the office.



If you have time, try another of the activities on our PSHE page 





To round off your active day, why not do this week's gymnastic challenge provided by Catherine.  You can download it below and watch the video at




Thursday 21.5.20


Complete the next reading comprehension in your CGP book.


Complete the Maths lesson on recognising 3d shape nets


There are 21 major deserts in the world.  Research where they are and then take the quiz a

Write your best score and time in your book.

Friday 22.5.20


Word of the day: Suffice

Find the meaning, word class, synonym and antonym, then put the word in a sentence.

Look the picture below.

This is an abandoned town.  What was it like when people lived here?  Why did they leave?  

Your task is to wrote a story about this town and what happened to the people who lived there...

Try to be descriptive and create suspense in your writing.


Ordering fractions.  Download and complete the questions in your book.  When you've finished, check your answers.



Your challenge over half term is to make your own animation movie using a method called stop motion animation. Watch the video  

Simply, you take an object, move it slightly and take a picture.  You repeat this over and over - until you have a lot of pictures.  Then use a stop motion app to bring them to life.  The apps are usually very simple to use and there are lots of instruction videos on the internet.


If you have an ipad, phone or Mac you can use the 'i motion' app already on there (or get a stop motion app from the app store.  If you use android like me, there are lots of stop motion apps available on google play for free.  


Can you make a message appear on a chalk board?  Maybe bring a spaceship to life or create a short lego movie? Create a flower growing using plasticine or clay?  All you need is your imagination and a bit of patience.


I can't wait to see what you produce. Remember to email  your finished movie to the school office!


Well done for all your hard work this term.  Have a great break, stay safe and enjoy Eid.  I look forward to seeing you all at some stage next term!


Year 6 Lions - STEM & Art challenges








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Science Knowledge Organiser: Electricity

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