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Year 6

Year 6 Rationale.

Autumn Term


In Year 6 the children will be towards the end of their Junior Jam Computing journey and will begin Level 4. 


The pupils will be exploring a module called iRemix. In iRemix, pupils will be learning about remixing and sampling. Pupils will explore and use several different techniques used by industry professionals to remix a song. Students will add vocal effects to stems, creating live loops and layering them, as well as changing the genre of a song to something unexpected. During the final few sessions, the pupils will create their own remix of a song of their choosing.


Later on in the autumn term after learning important programming skills in Levels 1-3 using the ‘Blockly’ language, pupils will now progress to learn a more advanced language called ‘Swift’. Through Swift pupils will learn how to manipulate written text code. The course will then give the students the freedom to create a final project to demonstrate their abilities.



Spring Term


At the beginning of the spring term Year 6 will prepare for their future by creating a CV in the module iOffice. 


The children will be given the scenario that the local council has advertised for a new Superhero to combat local crime. Pupils
must use all the skills they have learnt during Levels 1, 2 and 3 on Excel, Word and Keynote, to design and present their hero. Pupils will learn how to create and correctly format a CV, how to add hyperlinks into a Word document and extrapolate data from Excel in order to design a successful candidate CV.


Later on in the term Year 6 pupils will learn how to create different multi-media digital content. They will look at filming, coding storyboards, complex editing, GIFS, Cinemograph, AR and 3D drawing. Pupils will learn how these are applied in real-world contexts to create content for online and digital applications including websites and IOS software. At the end of the half term pupils will produce a digital gallery of their work and present it to the class in the app Keynote.



Summer Term


In the final term of their primary school Computing journey Year 6 will take on the task of designing and building a website for Junior Jam. The children will be
given a design brief to aid the design process. The website will include elements of
HTML as well as using a WYSIWYG developing app to help visualise their design. The website must include several different elements including a video game that students must design and create as part of their course.