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What are we learning this half term?

Summer 1


This half term, we will be learning...


Collective Worship

Our values are Respect, Love, Forgiveness, Service, Friendship and Peace.


Throughout this half term, we will be learning about what each value means and how we can promote them through our everyday actions, contributing to a better society. We will also be reading, listening to and responding to bible stories, which teach Christians about the importance of these values.


Don't forget to complete your values task at home - it could be included on our next newsletter!



This half term we will be studying the story ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ allowing us to explore themes within the text from other cultures. We will also be learning to explore the meaning of words in context and explain the effect on the reader of the author’s choice of language. Our writing outcome will be to write a short story set in a Rainforest, which includes blend of action, dialogue and description.

We will also be looking at how to write persuasively, to then be able to write our own persuasive speech based on a debate about deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.



This half term we will be covering the following areas in our Maths lessons:


Decimals and percentages

  • Decimals to 3 d.p. 
  • Decimal sequences.
  • Multiplying/ dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.
  • Percentages as fractions and decimals
  • Adding and subtracting decimals.


  • Measuring and calculating lengths and angles



    In DT we will be developing the key skills of structure and control to design a build a moving vehicle with a winch. We will be researching existing products, developing ideas and using mechanical systems, including cams, pulleys and gears.



    In our Science lessons, we will be learning all about life cycles. We will be identifying and describing the differences in the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. In addition, we will be learning about the life process of reproduction in flowering plants.



    In our RE lessons we will be discussing the question: 'What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?'  Through discussing these questions we will learn about...


    • The Five Pillars of Islam and give examples of how these affect the everyday lives of Muslims
    • Connections between Muslim practice of the Five Pillars and their beliefs about God and the Prophet Muhammad
    • The key functions of the Mosque and the beliefs of Muslims. 
    • The guidance a Muslim uses and compare them to forms of guidance experienced by pupils.


    Reading Plus

    This half term, we will be accessing Reading Plus on a weekly basis. The aim is for every child to complete a minimum of 3 reading sessions per week.  Most of these sessions will be completed in school, however it would be extremely beneficial for children to be accessing it from home on a weekly basis as well.  The aim of this programme is to improve children's reading and comprehension skills, by quickly adapting to meet the exact needs of every learner.