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Welcome to the History Page!


History is taught through the Lancashire County Council scheme of work, which is a topic based approach to children's learning.


Pupils in key stage 1 will begin by learning about the history of their school and local area.  They will then progress to developing an understanding of significant people and events from the past, which have shaped the world that we live in today.  They will acquire the knowledge of where these events and people appear chronologically on a timeline and will be able to make simple comparisons between life in different time periods.   Children will use the historical vocabulary taught to begin to ask insightful questions (in order to gain a deeper understanding of their area of study).  Throughout the topics taught, children will begin to develop an understanding of the strategies historians use to learn about the past


Pupils in key stage 2 will build on the skills taught in key stage 1 by developing a chronologically secure understanding of significant local, British and world history.  They will be able to identify connections and contrasts over time and will be able to create and ask historically valid research questions.  Throughout the topics, children will gain an in depth understanding of how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of reliable sources.


Detailed schemes of work can be viewed in school on request.