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Creating Interest

A quote from our Curriculum Intent Statement....


'Our curriculum is tailored to maximise pupils’ interest and curiosity for learning.  We provide a variety of first hand experiences to stimulate learning, placing a strong focus on the independent application of the essential skills and new vocabulary taught across the curriculum.  Throughout all of our teaching, children are taught and exposed to a wide range of subject specific vocabulary.  Through our immersive styles of teaching, all children are expected to use and apply their developing spoken and written language across all areas of the curriculum. This ensures that all pupils, especially the many who arrive at our school with little or no English, leave us fully able to do so.'

Here are some examples of how we create interest at the beginning of our English units.....


To enthuse the children before learning about different types of transport- the children wrote what they could see through their train 'window'. Children went on a 'train' around school with ipads and took tourist-style photos.

Gingerbread man- The children watched a video of gingerbread men running through the classroom to steal the children’s playdough.  Children then delivered wanted posters to each classroom in school.

Year 1

Snow White-What’s in the box? The children received a box full of objects linked to a traditional tale. Children had to guess which traditional tale each object was from.

George and the Dragon-At the beginning of the George and the Dragon unit, children listened to the noise of a dragon and explored images to guess what the animal in the story was going to be.

Year 2

The Day the Crayons Quit- Children came into the classroom to find that all the crayons have quit their jobs. The children’s crayons have been taken away and tied up. Children learn to write persuasive letters to get them back.

Wind in the Willows- Children go on a character hunt outside. Children collect pictures of the characters and then bring them back to the classroom to make a prediction on what they think the story will be about.

Year 3

Stig of the Dump- Children have a bag full of artefacts from the story ‘Stig of the Dump’. Children explore these artefacts to try and guess what the story is going to be about.

Persuasive adverts- Children watch a really boring persuasive advert which has been filmed by the Year 3 teacher. This is then used to inspire the children to discuss what makes a good persuasive advert.

Year 4

Aladdin- Children watch a video of a magic carpet ride. Children complete an activity to show what they might see, feel, hear, taste or smell on their magic carpet ride.

Children receive a picture of the character on the front cover of the story. They completed a conscious alley activity to discuss the character’s thoughts and feelings.

Year 5

Oliver Twist- Class teacher came into the classroom dressed as Oliver Twist. The children explored this further by making gruel in the classroom.

Children reported this made them very engaged in the story and understood the context much better.

Beowulf- Children completed a carousel of activities ranging from analysing maps to sketching characters. Children reported this made them ask lots of questions about the text and its possible story line.

Year 6

Detective stories- Children completed an orienteering activity. Each class received a letter containing clues that they had to follow in order to solve the mystery at the end.

This created a great hook into their unit as the children got a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a detective.


Here are some pictures of our children in their creating interest lessons!