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Well done to our Superstars, who are fantastic role models for their peers and younger pupils.

Reading Plus

We have been working hard to improve our reading rate and the accuracy of our responses to a text.

A Story with Christina Gabbitas

We enjoyed listening to Christina Gabbitas read one of her stories.

The Pineapple of Bravery

Well done to our 'Pineapple of Bravery' winners, who have shown courage when participating in a class debate and presenting their speeches to the class entitled 'If I could change the world I would....' 


We have been working hard to read musical notes and play songs on xylophones.

NSPCC Number Day

We have shown our support for the NSPCC by participating in a TT Rockstars competition and investigating numbers, shapes and patterns through a range of mini projects.


During STEM day, we learnt about Newton's Laws of Motion and what life is like for astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), planned and made our own rockets and measured the distance that they were able to travel in m and cm, before calculating the mean average.

Science Investigation 


We investigated how we can make a battery out of 2 pence coins and if these coins could then be used to light up a bulb.


In French, we have been applying our knowledge of countries and continents by translating these into english before grouping them according to their location in the world. We then translated french statements about different countries into english and researched whether they are true (vrai) or false (faux).


In our DT lesson, we practised the skills of chopping, peeling, mashing and opening a tin. We also learnt about the importance of good hygiene when handling food products and the importance of not cross contaminating different food groups.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World Day

The Leopards have enjoyed learning about the history and geography of Tanzania. We have been investigating artefacts and discussing what they teach us about early civilisations who settled there.  We also debated the big question "Is it better to live in a beautiful country or to visit it?"

British Values Day

Today, we have been studying our British Values and in particular 'Democracy'. We know what 'Democracy' means and what the impact of it is on our society today. We wrote a balanced argument and created a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.