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Year 2

Year 2 Rationale

In Y2 pupils continue to be exposed to the basic fundamental movement skills. Pupils learn to apply these across a range of games activities while beginning to learn some simple tactics for team games.

Pupils continue to develop these skills through the topics:


Games – Striking and Fielding

In this unit pupils develop the skill of throwing over arm. Pupils revisit the skill of running. They move on to learn how to strike and field a ball while applying accuracy. Pupils then apply simple game tactics in a striking and fielding game.



In this unit pupils recap gymnastic holds (pike, tuck, and straddle). They revisit jumping and progress this by learning different jump techniques using different shapes. Pupils revisit the methods of travel and progress these methods by using their hands and feet. The new learning requires pupils to be able to balance on different body parts, develop different methods of rolling and be able to link these movements to create a simple sequence.



In this unit pupils revisit their running technique and improve on this to be able to run fast. Pupils explore different ways of throwing for distance and accuracy. Pupils new learning develops push throws. Pupils also learn how to navigate obstacle courses and apply these tactics to running, throwing and jumping challenges.



In this unit pupils revisit being able to copy a simple sequence. Pupils begin to work towards adapting a simple sequence of movements linked to a theme using a range of directions and dynamics involving travelling and jumping. Pupils perform the sequence with coordination and control.


Games – Piggy in the middle

In this unit pupils revisit and develop the skill of throwing underarm by focusing on accuracy. Pupils also revisit catching and dodging techniques and develop these by finding space and applying simple tactics in a team game.


Games – Net and Wall

In this unit pupils revisit the skills of: under arm throwing, catching and side galloping. Pupils build on these skills by developing a ready position for striking a ball and simple games tactics.