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What are we learning this half term?

Spring 2 2024

This half term, we are learning...



This half term we will be studying the text ‘The Promise’ by author Nicola Davies using active reading strategies to refine thinking and create notes along the way. We will also be learning to summarise the main ideas that we draw from more than one paragraph to identify the key details. Our writing outcome will be to write character narrative and create a letter using bargaining language



This half term we will be covering the following areas in our Maths lessons:

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Measure including angles
  • Area, perimeter and volume



In Year 6 we will be looking at the classification of animals. We will be exploring how things are classified based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals. We will be able to record data and draw classification charts.

In Year 5 we will be learning all about forces. We will be exploring and investigating the different effects of gravity. We will also be looking at types of resistance such as water and air resistance. We will be learning how gears, pulleys and levers also create a force.



Our focus will be on the ‘Angles, Saxons and Jutes and their battles to rule England. We will look at their settlements and the impact they have made on how we live today.



We will be learning about the Christian festival of Easter and the impact it has on Christian in their lives today.

Spring 1 2024


This half term, we are learning...


Collective Worship

Our values are Respect, Love, Forgiveness, Service, Friendship and Peace. These values underpin our curriculum.


Throughout this half term, we will be learning about what each value means and how we can promote each one through our daily actions to make a positive contribution to society. We will also be reading, listening to and responding to bible stories, which teach Christians about the importance of our values in daily life.


Don't forget to complete your values task at home - it could be included on our next newsletter!



Our big question this half term will be: Why do Christians believe Jesus was a great teacher?


Throughout our RE lessons we answer 'Big Questions', which give us the opportunity to discuss and debate open-ended questions that have many possible answers.  These questions broaden our thinking, acting as a springboard to new ideas and opinions. 



The text we are studying is The Hound of the Baskervilles by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Our writing outcomes will include a narrative cliff hanger with lots of description and a non-fiction formal event report.


Reading Plus

This half term, we will be accessing Reading Plus on a weekly basis in school. The aim is for every child to complete a minimum of 5 reading sessions per week.  The aim of this programme is to improve children's reading and comprehension skills, by quickly adapting to meet the exact needs of every learner. Any sessions not completed by the end of the week in school, should be completed for homework.



In our daily lessons, we will be applying a variety of maths skills to consolidation themed projects.


This knowledge will be underpinned by a weekly arithmetic lesson. Please ensure that your child has secure knowledge of the times-tables up to twelve multiplied by twelve, alongside the corresponding division facts. These should be practised at home on a regular basis through Times Tables Rockstars


In addition to this, it is also essential that children can quickly and accurately recall other basic maths facts and be prepared to apply this knowledge in different contexts:

- measurements

- ratio

- converting between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

- algebra

- statistics

- how to calculate the area, perimeter and volume of shapes

- the meaning of mathematical vocabulary e.g. unit fraction, composite number etc.

The maths knowledge organisers, glossary and fact sheets are great resources to support our pupils when learning the knowledge that is required of them.



In Science this half term, our Year 5 pupils are learning about Space.


In Science this half term, our Year 6 pupils are learning about the human body.


Please make sure that your child learns all the vocabulary definitions and facts that are listed on their Knowledge Organisers, so that they are fully prepared for their Science lessons. This knowledge will be tested in a quick quiz at the beginning of each lesson. A copy of this document is available on our class page and will be stuck in your child's Homework Book at the beginning of each half term.



Our topic is Living in the Wider World which will include protecting the environment; compassion towards others. How information online is targeted through different media types, their role and impact.



Our PE day will be on Thursday this half term and we are lucky to have a specialist teacher from Blackburn Rovers Community trust to be leading our sessions.



We will understand geographical similarities and differences through a study of human and physical geography of a region within North America focussing on California.