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Year 1

Year 1 Rationale.

Autumn Term


In Year 1 the children will start being taught Computing by specialist instructors using the Junior Jam scheme of work. They will start the autumn term using a iJam Lite Level 1 and within that use a iLoop software. This is an introduction to basic song writing skills using GarageBand. Pupils will work initially as a class creating a class song before moving into pairs or small groups to create a short composition using a variety of instruments and sounds available within the app.


Later on in the autumn term the children will move on to the iCode software. Pupils will use a variety of apps to learn key coding skills. The sessions will start by
tasking students to find solutions to everyday tasks before applying this logical
thinking to solve a series of problems within the app Kodable. This will culminate in
learning how to use the coding language Blockly, using the app ‘Daisy the Dinosaur’.


Spring Term


In the spring term Year 1 pupils will explore animation. They will use a software called iMove to help them with animation. During iMove, pupils will learn about ‘Stop Motion’ animation. They will gain a number of animating skills to create their own stop motion animation on an iPad. Pupils will have to create a plot and overcome the challenges involved in animating multiple objects and characters within one frame.


Then Year 1 pupils will go on an iCreate course in which they will explore photography. The iCreate course aims to introduce participants to digital photography in the modern era. They will learn about the basic principles of photography such as focal point, foreground and background, and the importance of light. Pupils will also learn about photo editing using apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express.



Summer Term


In summer 1 Year 1 pupils will learn the fundamentals of internet and digital device safety. They will be introduced to different real-life scenarios and develop different strategies to stay clear of, or to deal with potential situations that could arise when online. Pupils will be reminded each lesson about the correct procedures to follow and who they can talk to should they have any concerns regarding e-safety.


Later on in the summer term the children will use a software called iInvent. iInvent focuses on how technology has progressed through the 19th and 21st
centuries. This course aims to give pupils a better understanding of the technology
they use every day both at home and in school. This course will cover how to use
technology safely and responsibly, as well as how to explain their uses to others.