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Year 2

Year 2 Rationale.

Autumn Term


In Year 2 children build upon knowledge from Year 1 regarding online safety. The children learn how to refine searches using the Search tool. They learn to understand how they can share work electronically and use digital technology to share and communicate on Purple Mash with others locally and start to understand how sharing is done on a global level. Year 2 pupils are then introduced to email as a form of communication using the 2Respond stimulations on Purple Mash and begin to understand how to communicate with people when they are not in front of us. Pupils are taught how to open and send simple emails as a means to communicate. The children learn throughout this unit that any information they put online leaves a digital footprint and ensures that they think critically about what information they put out there for others to see and what steps can be taken to keep personal data and hardware secure.


Through the coding unit, Year 2 pupils build upon knowledge acquired in Year 1. They start by recapping the definition of an algorithm and the importance of clear and concise instructions. Children further expand their learning by having the opportunity to make their own choices regarding which objects they will use in their computer program. Pupils begin to understand that the ‘repeat’ and ‘timer’ commands both make objects repeat actions but they function differently and affect the best command to use. Year 2 pupils use their prior knowledge of debugging (year 1) to use a design document to debug simple programs. The children are expected to use the knowledge and skills acquired through this unit to tackle more complex programs that tell a story. The children use their own logic to predict the behaviour and actions of specific objects based on previous knowledge of what the object is capable of, enhancing their problem solving and reasoning skills.


Year 2 pupils enhance the skills acquired in Year 1 when exploring spreadsheets. The unit begins with reviewing prior knowledge on spreadsheets. Pupils progress on to learning how to copy and paste to help make a spreadsheet and use tools to automatically total rows and columns to solve a mathematical puzzle. They then end the unit with creating a table of data on a spreadsheet and apply that data to create a block graph manually.


Through the effective searching unit Year 2 pupils learn how to identify basic parts of a search engine page and how to read one. The children learn to find specific information from search pages and consolidate their knowledge with creating a leaflet based on effective internet searching.



Spring Term


Through the questioning unit, Year 2 pupils start to understand that pictograms (Year 1 unit) has limited use beyond answering simple questions. They instead learn how to use a range of yes/no questions to separate information/items. They learn the skill of constructing a binary tree to sort information and use the programme 2Questions to respond in more detail to yes or no questions as they will learn that a binary tree is restricted to yes and no responses. The children finally use a database to answer more complex search questions and use the search tool to find information (linked to previous unit of effective searching).


In the making music unit, Year 2 pupils are introduced to making music digitally using the programme 2Sequence on Purple Mash. Here they explore, edit and combine sounds. The children add sounds to a tune that they have created and think deeply about how music can be used to express feelings whilst creating their own tune which portrays feelings. The children then progress on to uploading a sound of their choice from the bank they are provided with and record and upload their own sound. Links are made to the Charanga Music curriculum followed in school where possible.






Summer Term


In Year 2, pupils are introduced to the 2Paint a Picture programme. At this point links with the Art Summer SoW can be made. Therefore, children will use the 2Paint a Picture programme to create a seaside picture inspired by the artists Jayne Huskisson, Abigail Mill and Serena Hall who they will study through the Art SoW.  Year 2 pupils are expected to recreate artwork from these artists using the patterns and lines template. In addition to this, pupils are expected to use the eCollage function in 2Paint a Picture to create art work using drawing and clipart.


Through the presenting ideas unit, Year 2 pupils learn how digital content can be represented in many forms. The children use the 2Quiz programme on Purple Mash to create their own quiz on a story of their choice (linked to English topic). Then they make a fact file on a non-fiction topic using the 2Connect file before presenting to their class. This links with our high expectation in oracy at SMSJ and the children will create their own oracy presentations at the end of the unit to showcase their knowledge and skills acquired. This can be shown to their partner class or Year 3 who have already covered this topic, allowing constructive feedback.