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Year 2

Year 2 Rationale.

Autumn Term


In year 2 the children will continue to use the Junior Jam scheme of work. They will begin the autumn term with starting Level 2 of iJam Lite. In year 1 they went through level 1. They will first explore the iGenre software. Pupils will explore a selection of different styles of popular music from the past 60 years and be tasked with creating their own versions using the app GarageBand. Pupils will develop their aural skills learning to recognise different instruments and sounds associated with different genres.


Later on in the term Year 2 pupils will using the software iFunction. Building on the pupils’ knowledge of Blockly from Lite Level 1, pupils will need to apply additional logical thinking to create algorithms within their new more advanced app Hopscotch. More advanced computing elements will be covered, and programs
designed by the pupils will be able to showcase each group’s understanding.



Spring Term


In Spring 1 Year 2 pupils will look further into animation using the software i2D. This course focuses on 2D and hand drawn animation. Pupils will learn how to bring two dimensional drawings to life through use of the app ‘Do Ink Animation’. They will animate a given story line on ‘Scratch Jr’, mixing coding into their creativity, as well as creating their own animated Lego figure and finally create a flip book. 


In Spring 2 the children will look at the software iMagazine. Pupils will create a school magazine using stock photos and original text. Pupils will be required to utilise the skills covered in Lite Levels 1’s iPhotograph in order to create a marketable magazine. Pupils will also learn how to format text, textboxes, photos and other content within the app Strip Designer, alongside learning the key
components of a magazine.



Summer Term


During the summer term Year 2 pupils will use the software iConnect. During iConnect pupils will look at all the ways we can contact someone in this digital
era. The class will explore and discuss the reasons why people may wish to connect with others both around them and far away. Pupils will create multimedia
communications to send to a recipient. Pupils will recap important aspects of iTech
Lite Level 1 regarding the technology we use to communicate with people in the 21st century.


At the end of their Year 2 curriculum the children will work within the iFilm software. Pupils will focus specifically on the technology that surrounds the film industry and is used to create both animated and live action films. Pupils will use the app Toontastic to digitally plan and create an animated film before filming a live action trailer using the app iMovie.