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Year 1

Year 1 Rationale

Moving into Y1, pupils revisit their basic fundamental movement skills and are exposed to these skills repeatedly to allow pupils to then develop these skills by learning how to apply them to basic team games.

Pupils work through the topics:


Games Activities – Catching and Bouncing

In this unit pupils begin by learning to catch a range of equipment and then progress this to be able to travel with a ball. Through the unit pupils progress on to bounce passing a ball. Finally, pupils apply these skills and develop simple tactics within a game.



In this unit pupils revisit and apply the basic fundamentals of running, hopping and jumping to be able to develop speed in their running and hopping. Pupils then progress onto the new skills of: changing direction, jumping for distance, rolling a ball with accuracy and underarm throwing.



In this unit pupils learn the different gymnastic balances (pike, tuck and straddle) and the different methods of travelling, rolling and jumping. Pupils then are able to link these basic movements together to create a simple sequence.



In this unit pupils copy simple movements linked to a theme and execute these movements with coordination and control. The end sequence retells a familiar story.


Games Activities – Underarm throwing

In this unit pupils explore techniques for underarm throwing using a range of equipment. Pupils also develop the skill of a side gallop. Pupils revisit the skills of running, dodging and simple tactics in a team game.


Games Activities – Kicking

Through this unit pupils learn to: dribble a ball, kick a ball using the side of their foot and pass a ball to their partner with control. Pupils begin to develop the ability to pass a ball in different directions and at different speeds and be able to indicate where they are passing the ball to so their partner can receive the ball. These skills require the children to use their previously developed skills of control and accuracy.